• Rihanna Diet Plan And Her Workout Routine


    Singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20, 1988, in St. Michael Parish on the Caribbean island of Barbados. She is the eldest of three children born to Monica Fenty, an accountant, and Ronald Fenty, a warehouse supervisor. Rihanna’s childhood was marred by her father’s struggles with addictions to alcohol and crack cocaine and her parents’ marital problems—they divorced when she was 14 years old.

    In January 2005, Rogers landed Rihanna an audition for Def Jam Records and its newly minted president, the legendary rapper Jay-Z. “I was in the lobby just shaking,” she recalled. However, once Rihanna opened her voice to sing she regained her composure. “I remember staring into everybody’s eyes in the room while I was singing, and at that point, I was fearless,” she said.


    Only eight months later, in August 2005, she released her first single, “Pon de Replay,” a reggae-influenced club track that reached No. 2 on the Billboard singles chart and announced Rihanna as the next up-and-coming pop star. Her first album, Music of the Sun, released later that month, reached No. 10 on the Billboard albums chart and also featured the single “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want.”Here take a look at Rihanna diet plan and her workout routine

    Rihanna is a superstar singer and has a very toned body and there’s nothing that she can’t show off. Though being in the industry requires you to be fit and sexy but the way she has maintained her body is just commendable. However, according to her she is not a gymming person and she doesn’t like spending tome for the same.


    According to her fitness trainer Jamie Granger, Rihanna follows a certain diet to stay in the slimmest shape possible. Also she is into physical exercises like cycling and hiking which she thinks is a good way to maintain oneself. Let’s have a look into the star’s life and her daily regime.

    1. Her breakfast consists of hot water as the very first thing along with squeezed lemon followed by egg whites.
    2. Her lunch is an inclusion of fish and potatoes.
    3. Her dinner includes mushroom omelette, green salad and fish.
    4. While we talk about snacking and supper, all of it includes low carb snack bars, crackers, fruits basically grapes and nuts.

    Her diet includes variety and it is rightly said that variety and balance is the key.

    Exercising plan


    Riri’s exercises are a packed cluster which includes the main being pylometric movements which is to maintain a toned body figure. It includes a fast paced exercise and heavy bodily movement which includes muscle lengthening and muscle shortening. Her workout is for about 20- 25 minutes and she is perpetual in her act of exercising daily.

    Her trainer says “ A balanced diet can help maximize a workout, control your mood, give you energy, and balance your hormones.”After this sneak into Rihanna’s fitness regime it is easy to chirp out that her perfect toned physique is a result of so much of hard work and because of the correct food supply. Well in a magzine interview rihanna disclosed how much she is impressed by Dita Von Teese Diet Plan and Her Workout

  • Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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    Priscilla Presley born as Priscilla Ann Wagner was born on May 24, 1945 in Brooklyn, New York. She is the daughter of a US navy pilot who died early after which her mother remarried an Air Force officer.Presley had begun studying acting while she was married to Elvis  and after a few TV appearances, she joined the cast of the hugely popular night-time soap opera Dallas. Later she wrote a memoir  Elvis and Me and also produced a TV movie on the same. Priscilla and Elvis were married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their daughter, Lisa Marie, was born the following year, in 1968.


    She is also a business woman who initially got hold of her husband’s business and later alongside her acting career she started a line of fragrance, skin care products  and clothing as well. She was also found to be in a relationship with boyfriend and Italian screenwriter Marco Garibaldi from 1984 to 2006, but they never married and still have a son.


    With hollywood undergoing the knife there’s hardly any celebrity left who has not had the plastic surgery thing. It is followed like a blind course with all the actors falling for it. Though it is just to better their looks but the basic reason behind this is only to keep themselves going in the industry. So here’s another actress Priscilla who has had the plastic procedures to get the perfect look. Let’s have a sneak peak to her plastic sessions and the new facial structure she has acquired after this surgeries. Here are some  Priscilla Presley After Plastic Surgery Images

    Botox Injections

     Priscilla is suspected to have BoTox fillers to tighten her skin and make her face look fuller. But shortly after her surgery she got addicted to them to don the perfect look which actually resulted in destroying her basic facial structure.

    Cheek Implants

    So this is another media speculated procedure which has been successful in giving her an entirely new look which actually does not look . She looks puffed up after this.


    A facelift procedure is kind of compulsory with botox injections so as to get the final and perfect look. This facelift did make her face taut and all the loose skin got diminished giving her a clean face without any lines and wrinkles. The best example to understand this surgery is to check out Kendall Jenner After Plastic Surgery Images

    Brow Lift

    After getting a clear skin she got her brow lifted in order to complement her look, but on comparing her before and after pics we get to know that she has got that cat face kinda look after this.


    With all the procedures done, the final plastic surgery might have been successful in giving her a wrinkle free skin but not a good look. She seemed to be more beautiful before the plastic procedures and this has just bought about a considerable and a very different change to her looks.Well, whatever be the difference in her looks we are happy that she is going on with it and that we are always to support her inspite of such mishaps.

  • Courtney Love Nose Job Pictures


     Courtney Love was born Courtney Michelle Harrison on July 9, 1964, in San Francisco, California. Raised by her mother, Love lived in a commune for several years. She then spent time in a reform school in her early teens for shoplifting and became a stripper at the age of 16, according to an article in Stella magazine.

    After a few attempts at college, Love spent a lot of time traveling the world, visiting places where at a place she met a musician named Julian Cope and moved in with him, becoming a regular face at his gigs. She funded her travels with money she received from her grandmother and from working as a stripper.


    In addition to music, Love tried acting. She caught the attention of film director Alex Cox in 1986 who decided to cast her in a small role in Sid and Nancy. The film told the story of punk music’s most famous star-crossed lovers, Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and his lover Nancy Spungen, which starred Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb.

    Love took on the role of Althea Flynt, the wife of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in The People Vs. Larry Flynt (1996). Woody Harrelson portrayed her on-screen husband in the film, which was directed by Milos Forman. Love’s performance won great acclaim and earned her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress. She also became romantically linked to Edward Norton, who had a supporting role in the film.

    Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Speculations

    Plastic surgery procedures are common to every musician, celebrity and artist especially when it is about hollywood. So when this trend has been followed blindly there’s another addition to the family with Courtney Love. She has had a perfect plastic surgery plan which went well and her looks are just perfect and are complementing her body attitude. Here’s a look at her procedures.


    1. Nose Job: a nose job or rhinoplasty was adapted by her so as to get a good shape. She said she thought that her nose was too big and that it was not good to pose as a celebrity and run in the music and the acting industry. She had continuous two surgeries to get a refined nose.
    2. Breast Implantation: again a much talked about plastic procedure which Love had got done in order to get a tight bust region and a proper cleavage.
    3. Liposuction: her lip surgery is quiet identifiable and visible on comparing her before and after pictures. She is having a perfectly well defined lip structure because of the lip fillers.
    4. Botox injections and facelift: both of these surgical procedures are done in order to maintain uniformity in the facial features. removes wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and removes the saginess of skin.


    Take a look at Courtney Love Nose Job Pictures

    After all her plastic procedures she have really got a whole new avatar and her new trending look is just perfect and completely complements her body and her personality. Though these procedures are very harsh on the skin but they do bring out that youthful look in you.

  • Joan Rivers Before And After Plastic Surgeries


    Joan Rivers

    Born on June 8, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York, Joan Rivers’s big break came in 1965, Joan Rivers was initially named Joan Alexandra Molinsky. She was the youngest of two daughters, and her father was a doctor.Rivers attended Barnard College, where she pursued her interest in performing. She appeared in numerous campus productions during her time there. After graduation, however, Rivers abandoned her dreams of being an entertainer for a more practical career. She went to work as a buyer for a chain store and eventually fell in love with the owner’s son. But this relationship didn’t last—the couple split up six months after tying the knot.


    Rivers returned to her passion for performing for which she appeared in a number of small plays, including a role as a lesbian opposite an equally unknown Barbra Streisand. When it became apparent that acting was not her forte, she switched to comedy and spent the next seven years doing the rounds of New York’s comedy clubs, which she grabbed from her father who was humorous.

    In the late 1960s, Rivers landed her own program called “That Show” with Joan Rivers which had several eminent personalities visiting her. She had also attempted to make her own movie. Joan Rivers and the mush talked about plastic surgery revelations

    The following are some of the plastic surgery procedures that Rivers underwent.

    1. Nose job: Rivers’ nose was supposed to be a bulbous one but after the surgery her nose has become narrower and that a bit flattened. On comparison of her before and after pictures we get to trace the big difference.
    2. Liposuction: A lip enhancement technique is surely to be believed because of her smoothening lips which have been completely transformed into thickened and well formed lips.
    3. Eye surgery: After crossing the age of 50 celebs usually opt for all these surgeries because the skin starts to sag and age.  Joan’s eye region was becoming saggy and hence she opted it to remove the under eye bags.
    4. Facelift: the most common one being a facelift. A facelift is usually done to bring about a whole new look tho the skin. With all her shiny appearance going away she opted for this which actually turned out to be more than required as the naturalness of the face completely vanished.
    5. Botox Fillers: in order to get a perfect face after a facelift, botox fillers are a must. They completely remove all the wrinkles and lines on the face and leave a scarless face behind.
    6. She is also suspected to have had a neck lift but the change is not prominent enough to prove that.


    With all the above plastic procedures done she was left with a beautiful but an unnatural skin which turned out to be good but not for her skin. All these procedures have a negative impact on the skin and even after you spent so much of money to artificially enhance yourself you can never turn out the best. All we can say is that these procedures are not to be believed blindly and that even a natural skin with sufficient make up can bring the best in you.

  • Gwen Renee Stefani Low Cal Diet Plan Revealed!


    Singer, songwriter and designer Gwen Stefani was born on October 3, 1969, in Fullerton, California. Since rising to stardom as the lead singer of No Doubt, Stefani has become a popular and powerful figure in the world of music and fashion.Taught to sew by her mother, Stefani developed an interest in fashion early on. Her love of music was influenced by her older brother Eric who played a lot of recordings by such ska revival bands as Madness. With friend John Spence as the lead singer, Eric started the group No Doubt, and Gwen soon joined as their second vocalist. Stefani started dating fellow bandmate Tony Kanal around this time.


    With Tragic Kingdom (1995), No Doubt emerged as a leading force in popular music. Their distinctive sound—with flavors of ska, punk, and pop—won over many new fans. Reaching the top of the album charts in late 1996, the recording’s success was driven in part by the hit single “Just a Girl,” which has been seen as an anti-sexism anthem by many. The video for the song helped make Stefani both a fashion icon and a star.Stefani started to emerge as an artist in her own right in 2001, singing on Eve’s smash hit “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” and Moby’s successful single “South Side.” She even netted her first Grammy Award for her work with Eve, bringing home the honor for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

    Gwen Renee Stefani Diet Plan and Workout Routine

    Putting yourself at the top notch position in the artists industry is not an easy task. It requires hard work and at the same time beauty content especially when the talk is about the sexy and beautiful ladies of the industry. Maintaining health and fitness is like a trend being followed by almost all the actors and singer in order to maintain a posh and healthy lifestyle.

    When there’s talking about health and fitness, Gwen is never left behind.she is the ideal one and has always maintained a perfect figure and a toned body to make her survival point on in the industry. Sources reveal she maintains a balanced diet and a pack of regular exercising in order to maintain herself.

    HyperFocal: 0
    HyperFocal: 0

    Hr diet is full of nuts, fruits and leafy vegetables and beans and broccoli remains to be her all time favourite . According to sources she has such a diet in order to take in the maximum energy possible and so that she remains to be healthy in terms of food. Her belief about intake of a balanced diet including all the food contents rather than specific food items is the perfect figure which marks a golden rule for maintaining proper health.

    Also her routined gym includes daily exercise inclusive of squats and muscular exercises and cardiac exercises so as to increase her efficiency. She has been found stating that she often cheats herself with a pizza or a chocolate cookie and she never minds filling up the lust. So here’s how celebs maintain their body and it is somethings really important in order to cherish a happy life.

  • Salman Khan Before And After Plastic Surgery


    Salman Khan

    Born on 27 December, 1965, Salman Khan is a famous Bollywood actor and has inherited his famous acting skills from his parents.His tender age was spent in the cities of Gwalior and Indore where he was brought up after which his father moved to Mumbai and was then a famous scriptwriter and later a very versatile actor. He kickstarted his career with Biwi Ho To Aisi and got serious recognition after Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, after which he just grew well and there has been no looking back since then. He has served the industry with several blockbuster films and even some flops, even after which he remains to be the favourite superstar.

    Salman Khan has a stepmother Helen who is a former bollywood actress and has two brothers, Arbaz and Sohail Khan who are also actors and directors and two sisters namely Arpita and Alvira. Salman Khan has been famous for his alleged relationships with various co actors with the most controversial being one with Aishwarya Rai, others include Kartrina Kaif, Faria Alam and the most recent one being with Lulia Vantur with whom his connection is being traced since days.


    Salman Khan and his related Plastic Surgeries

    Just like plastic surgery is followed is hollywood it is similarly a trend being followed blindly in bollywood as well. There are actors, singers and other artists who catch on these procedures to hide the age factor and turn up for these surgical things which actually hide their natural age and their natural skin. So when the talking is about Bollywood actors, Salman Khan, the bhaijaan of Bollywood can’t be left behind and that here we are with some of his under the knife techniques that keeps him shining all along. Here’s a look!

    1. Hair transplant: this is the most prevalent one as just a few years back it was observed that he had thick hair which were heavy weighted. But it is suspected that a hair transplant technique has bought a considerable change in his hair material. They are now thin and also his light bald area has been totally covered. Once we compare his before and after pictures we get to know about it easily.
    2. Blepharoplasty: the surgery is done on order to remove the excess skin and bagginess around the eye region. Because Salman has entered the age of 50 all of this is just normal and that these thing turn up with age. So he opted for the surgery and the difference is quiet visible as his skin is perfectly toned and there are no loose folds of skin present.


    Although Salman has never admitted that he has gone under the knife but the changes are prominent and considerable and it can easily be made out that he has had all these procedures to redefine his looks and alter the falling signs of ageing. Whatever be it, we are happy that Bhaijaan is happy with the proceeding in his life and all we hope for is his better and bright future.