Priscilla Presley born as Priscilla Ann Wagner was born on May 24, 1945 in Brooklyn, New York. She is the daughter of a US navy pilot who died early after which her mother remarried an Air Force officer.Presley had begun studying acting while she was married to Elvis  and after a few TV appearances, she joined the cast of the hugely popular night-time soap opera Dallas. Later she wrote a memoir  Elvis and Me and also produced a TV movie on the same. Priscilla and Elvis were married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their daughter, Lisa Marie, was born the following year, in 1968.


She is also a business woman who initially got hold of her husband’s business and later alongside her acting career she started a line of fragrance, skin care products  and clothing as well. She was also found to be in a relationship with boyfriend and Italian screenwriter Marco Garibaldi from 1984 to 2006, but they never married and still have a son.


With hollywood undergoing the knife there’s hardly any celebrity left who has not had the plastic surgery thing. It is followed like a blind course with all the actors falling for it. Though it is just to better their looks but the basic reason behind this is only to keep themselves going in the industry. So here’s another actress Priscilla who has had the plastic procedures to get the perfect look. Let’s have a sneak peak to her plastic sessions and the new facial structure she has acquired after this surgeries. Here are some  Priscilla Presley After Plastic Surgery Images

Botox Injections

 Priscilla is suspected to have BoTox fillers to tighten her skin and make her face look fuller. But shortly after her surgery she got addicted to them to don the perfect look which actually resulted in destroying her basic facial structure.

Cheek Implants

So this is another media speculated procedure which has been successful in giving her an entirely new look which actually does not look . She looks puffed up after this.


A facelift procedure is kind of compulsory with botox injections so as to get the final and perfect look. This facelift did make her face taut and all the loose skin got diminished giving her a clean face without any lines and wrinkles. The best example to understand this surgery is to check out Kendall Jenner After Plastic Surgery Images

Brow Lift

After getting a clear skin she got her brow lifted in order to complement her look, but on comparing her before and after pics we get to know that she has got that cat face kinda look after this.


With all the procedures done, the final plastic surgery might have been successful in giving her a wrinkle free skin but not a good look. She seemed to be more beautiful before the plastic procedures and this has just bought about a considerable and a very different change to her looks.Well, whatever be the difference in her looks we are happy that she is going on with it and that we are always to support her inspite of such mishaps.