Joan Rivers

Born on June 8, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York, Joan Rivers’s big break came in 1965, Joan Rivers was initially named Joan Alexandra Molinsky. She was the youngest of two daughters, and her father was a doctor.Rivers attended Barnard College, where she pursued her interest in performing. She appeared in numerous campus productions during her time there. After graduation, however, Rivers abandoned her dreams of being an entertainer for a more practical career. She went to work as a buyer for a chain store and eventually fell in love with the owner’s son. But this relationship didn’t last—the couple split up six months after tying the knot.


Rivers returned to her passion for performing for which she appeared in a number of small plays, including a role as a lesbian opposite an equally unknown Barbra Streisand. When it became apparent that acting was not her forte, she switched to comedy and spent the next seven years doing the rounds of New York’s comedy clubs, which she grabbed from her father who was humorous.

In the late 1960s, Rivers landed her own program called “That Show” with Joan Rivers which had several eminent personalities visiting her. She had also attempted to make her own movie. Joan Rivers and the mush talked about plastic surgery revelations

The following are some of the plastic surgery procedures that Rivers underwent.

  1. Nose job: Rivers’ nose was supposed to be a bulbous one but after the surgery her nose has become narrower and that a bit flattened. On comparison of her before and after pictures we get to trace the big difference.
  2. Liposuction: A lip enhancement technique is surely to be believed because of her smoothening lips which have been completely transformed into thickened and well formed lips.
  3. Eye surgery: After crossing the age of 50 celebs usually opt for all these surgeries because the skin starts to sag and age.  Joan’s eye region was becoming saggy and hence she opted it to remove the under eye bags.
  4. Facelift: the most common one being a facelift. A facelift is usually done to bring about a whole new look tho the skin. With all her shiny appearance going away she opted for this which actually turned out to be more than required as the naturalness of the face completely vanished.
  5. Botox Fillers: in order to get a perfect face after a facelift, botox fillers are a must. They completely remove all the wrinkles and lines on the face and leave a scarless face behind.
  6. She is also suspected to have had a neck lift but the change is not prominent enough to prove that.


With all the above plastic procedures done she was left with a beautiful but an unnatural skin which turned out to be good but not for her skin. All these procedures have a negative impact on the skin and even after you spent so much of money to artificially enhance yourself you can never turn out the best. All we can say is that these procedures are not to be believed blindly and that even a natural skin with sufficient make up can bring the best in you.